Institute provides bus facility in the arena of the city on all working days for students and Faculty Members. Students can avail the facility on payment basis. We do all the verification of the drivers as it is a matter of security for the students.

We have attractive classrooms for all programs. We believe that the classrooms should be in such a manner that the students can take all the learning provided by faculties. We have classrooms equipped with all the modern and digital technologies with favorable environment.

Institute encourages indoor and outdoor sports activities within the campus. Students also regularly participate in inter-institutional sports event in various Institutions of Bareilly and outside. We also organize In-House sports event and Inter-Institutional Sports Meet.

We have a very spacious and good canteen for students. Here students have a variety of delicious food. Students are provided with snacks which can be consumed during the short break between classes. Institute provides good quality hygienic food items viz., tea, coffee, soft drinks, lunch to all the students.

First aid facilities are provided within the Campus. A visiting Doctor regularly checks up students for any possible complications concerning their health.

To facilitate the flow of practical knowledge about the various dimensions of managerial expertise from the corporate leaders various experts from the industry and consultants come to our campus to enrich the knowledge of our students. They train the students about the latest trends of Corporate world and accordingly teach them to adopt to the corporate practices.

To facilitate corporate interaction Institute’s Seminar Hall is equipped with latest gadgets. Students regularly call Senior Managers and Practitioner from different industries to learn about the latest managerial practices which will improve their placement prospects.

Hostel facilities are available on the demand of Students.

Institute has large selective collection of management and allied books and is also an institutional member of international libraries. The library subscribes to several business magazines and periodical of Indian and International repute. Student’s assignments are devised in a manner to develop their ability to research and organize information from the best and latest publications.
  • Text books written by Indian and foreign writers.
  • Reading hall
  • International and National Journals
  • Books on Competitive Examinations.
  • Books to improve Soft Skills
  • Encyclopedia
  • E-book & E- Journals

  • Computer plays a crucial role in the academic success of a student. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, a computer offers a unique platform to gain the most up-to-date information and to analyze and use that information for corporate projects. Additionally, computers help students to get accustomed to writing professional reports, e-reporting, virtual markets when preparing for the corporate world.

    The Computer lab at SIMTECH has been designed to make the students aware with the latest use of information technology so that they can represent themselves in an effective manner.

    In today’s world technology adds an important value in the field of education. Students learn to make visual presentation, design website etc. This state of art facilities is equipped with HP Pcs with latest IBM/HP server, which will control the flow of data of these networked facilities.

    College is having a 10 Mbps Internet connection, locally networked and connected through Wi-Fi also to the central server are available for students for their project work and preparing seminar presentations. It also access to e-books, study materials, previous question papers daily circulars, etc. through the college Local Area Network. Internet facilities in the well-equipped internet lab, providing high speed of connectivity the student can surf the net together unlimited information. Wi-fi facility in the Institution Campus is a milestone in the history of this institution as it puts the college on the road to paperless administration and functioning. With this addition the college will provide internet and intranet access to all students and staff for instructional purpose on par with colleges internationally. The class rooms are provided with wireless access points for the students to make use of internet and intranet.

    Every student passing out from the portals of SIMTECH is tuned to succeed in all walks of life through a perfect mix of dynamic learning environment, combining latest technology with modern teaching methods…

    High Standards That Get Results: In SIMTECH, you can be sure of the highest standard of teaching. You’ll find the lessons dynamic, enjoyable and results-focused. The SIMTECH faculty members, most of whom have wide industry experience, are consistently praised for their outstanding quality by current and former students.

    Dynamic Learning Environment : At SIMTECH, you would experience “learning in the lap of nature”. Our Endeavour is to constantly update the learning pedagogy so as to be in line with today’s changing environment. SIMTECH students’ success in all the facts of life due to perfect mix of dynamic learning environment, combining latest technology with modern teaching methods, experiential learning and self management.

    Personalized Support and Skills Development : Throughout your stay at SIMTECH, you can be sure of getting the personal attention you need. We believe in the continuous evaluation of our students through Quizzes, Graded Assignments, Case Studies, Presentations and Mid Term tests etc., to ensure that learning takes place in a stimulating environment